Questions and answers

What makes the value of Basels increase?
In the long term, after 3 to 5 years once a previously acquired artwork has been sent to auction and finally sold, then the proceeds will go in full to buy Basels from the liquidity pool and send to an address with weight 0, without the possibility to bring them back to the market, that is equivalent to burning the tokens. In the short term, when new fund members acquire their Basels from the liquidity pool by its mechanism, as long as no new Basels are sold to the market, the price increases.
What drives the price of Basels?
A sale in auction of one of the artworks in our collection, and the corresponding buying and burning of the Basels. New investors demand to participate in our fund, therefore buying Basels from the liquidity pool, adding XLM. The fluctuations in value of XLM: as our Basels are exchangeable for XLM in the liquidity pool, a stark variation in the price of XLM will also mean a stark valuation change in the value of Basels.
How does the custodian afford its operation costs or benefits from the project?
Mainly from the commission of 10% when the artwork is acquired and the 10% by the time of the final sale. A second income will come from the liquidity provider rewards, which represents a constant source of income. Our liquidity pool has a fee of 0,3% on every trade, which is given to the LPs (liquidity providers), in the first place the custodian who has deployed the tokens. The more increase in the value of the prices of Basels, the more volume in the liquidity pool, the more fees are paid to those who had provided liquidity.
How do I acquire Basels?
You first need to acquire XLM, or wallet and then interact with it through our page. How to get XLM in the next question. Download any of the compatible wallets: only Freighter to this day. For more experienced users, you can just create a buy offer an order to acquire basels with the issuer information: Asset Code: Basel. Issuer Account ID: GCEZRFERPNKVGVOQF5X7T32G2QJLVVTWLYXPQE6VEATCBIIVN7HCCIWV. Institutional or professional clients with more than EUR 100K in commitment are able to ask for personalised help for support to:
How do I acquire XLM to get the Basels?
The easiest option is through a centralised Exchange, for example Coinbase or Binance, send the XLM to your private address or wallet and then interact with it through our page. Get to know more about the native asset of the Stellar network. See wallets options
How do I leave the project and recover my funds?
Sell your Basels to the liquidity pool getting XLM, which has major liquidity, and you can easily trade your XLM for your local currency through an exchange.
Payments to the artists
We pay the artist with XLM from the reserves or USD after XLM from reserves have been exchanged, these XLM where obtained from the the Basels sales.
How are collaborators paid?
If any major improvements has been brought by a community member, this member could claim a reward, and upon a proposal vote she/he gets Basels or value in XLM from the withheld tokens in the reserves.